Socialism, its Basic Concept

The whole idea of socialization is to bring a community together under a single idea, a single cause for existence, a common protection for a way of life.  In order to promote such an idea, you have to accept some give-away of individualism, but you can’t lump that give-away under the concept of “inalienable rights”–those are much more basic:  you have the right to self-preservation, which may be toxic to the idea of community; you have the right to constitute a family, to build a macrocosm of a society under your personal beliefs–but only until a point is reached where each member of that society can make its own determination of a personal life.  Every test of such individualism occurs with each addition of another individual and is completely inherent upon each second of each individual’s comprehension of personal rights.

Without even a degree of socialism, a community cannot continue, cannot exist.  Each individual under the umbrella of “pure, individual rights” progresses to a point where he or she can make a determination of what combination of governing factors will allow his or her continuance.  You either continue the community under the concept of the Father or Mother or you make the changes necessary to move forward into your own concept of preservation.  In either regard, you concede to a degree of socialism.

The idea of “family values” cannot exist without a concept of Socialism.


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